Our world is so eventful, multifarious and amazingly beautiful!

Of course, we all want to visit our personal unforgettable places as often as possible.
Since ancient times, men have been fascinated by traveling and the desire to wander. May it be afoot, in a camel train or by sailing across the seas - men discover new worlds. Our planet’s unexplored regions still tickle our fancy in traveling - just like they did with our ancestors.

However, compared to them modern men enjoy better transportation and financial opportunities.
Do you prefer peaceful holidays at a balmy seaside with the whole family? Or do you love dancing with your friends at a disco under Southern skies?

Or do you maybe decide for a bath in a mineral spring, for wellness and spa? Might it be you are into outdoor activities and aquatic sports?

We help you make your dream come true!

  • Our concept

    Our concept is most simple:
    You buy an annual ticket (e.g. a "Universe SILVER" card at the value of EUR 2000.-), which entitles you to three trips offered by a travel agency of your choice within the respective validity term (one year).

    Each trip may cost maximum EUR 2000.-. Consequently, the price for all three trips amounts to EUR 6000!
    That means you will only pay EUR 2000.- for three trips that would actually amount to a total of EUR 6000.-

    So, you grew to enjoy it and your traveling costs have exceeded the covered EUR 2000.-? No problem at all - you simply pay the difference between the actual trip costs and the expenses we guarantee to cover (EUR 2000.-) on your own account!

    Another advantage:
    The Universe Travel card will keep you from getting lazy because it permanently holds new appeals for traveling. You will be very thankful for this - believe us ;-)

  • Terms of use

    Just like our concept, our terms of use are most uncomplicated:

    • As is the case with most insurances, the card comes into effect 90 days after being paid.
    • Its validity term will not extend automatically, without your consent.
    • The costs arising from individual trips must not exceed the annual ticket’s value.
      To attest your actual trips, we need you to provide us with the respective boarding pass (in case of air travels) or any other document to prove the journey.
    • Throughout the card’s validity term, a maximum of three trips is permissible.  
      The maximum traveling time amounts to two weeks.

    More information on our terms of use is available here

  • How to order the card

    After studying the information on all cards and accepting our terms and conditions, please select the card corresponding to your wants and needs on the ordering page, complete the form and mail it to us.

    You will then be provided with an agreement, which you please sign and return. At that point, the agreement becomes binding for both parties.

    Then please transfer the amount corresponding to the value of the card you selected to the bank account indicated in the agreement.

    Within two weeks, you will receive your card.

  • How does it work?

    All this is owed to the concept founders’ longstanding experience, to reliable partners in the finance and tourism industry and to our ability of investing the funds received properly to yield higher profits.

    Make sure you also benefit from the opportunities we offer!